Write a division word problem and explain how to solve it by acting it out

Introduction 15 minutes You already know how to write and solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication stories. Write an equation and solve i. My goal with all lessons is for students to develop a range of strategies in solving multiplication and division problems so that they become more fluent problem solvers 3.

Explain that part-part-whole models can help us visualize a multiplication or division problem because it helps us see which numbers are the smaller parts, or factors, and which part is the product. Then have students exchange word problems with a peer and solve with a part-part-whole model.

Now, we have three money amounts one for each color fabric that we can now add together to get a total amount that Carly will spend. I use flash cards because they are already made, but if students were struggling with division I would hand make cards with smaller numbers on index cards until they mastered the concept.

He put four candles in each cupcake before singing happy birthday. Have a student count out the number of index cards that the class determined in the warm up problem and distribute four cards to each student.

Division as making groups

Students will be able to use a part-part-whole model to organize and solve multiplication word problems. How much will she spend in all if she buys just enough fabric to make her dress?

You can also think of the problem above as a linear equation In this case, you can replace the question mark by x and solve either of the following two equations: Have students apply the modeling strategy to solve division words problems.

Ignore tax in your calculations. Three teams are playing a game.

Creating Word Problems With Division

This is how much more carpeting John will need to finish off his three rooms. Work with your partner to write a division story for this number sentence. Students must determine which use of tools, including pencil and paper and concrete models, they might need in order to create and solve their problem MP5.

I need you to work with your partner to write a division story for the number sentence on your card, and we are going to try solving each others stories when we are finished.

Nancy needs 5 lemons to make a glass of orange juice. Go over the problems as a class. She needs 1 yard of yellow fabric, 1. I want you and your partner to solve the division story you were given.

Well, number stories provide information and ask a question, which we have practiced doing all year. How many people purchased a ticket? Assessment Hand out a piece of scratch paper to each student. However, the problem said that he already has ft2 of carpet, so we need to figure out how much more he needs.

In very simple word problems that relationship usually involves just one of the four basic operations. Jenny has 7 marbles and Kenny has 5. I often allow students to spread out around our room, write in crayon and write in markers, just to make it more fun.Write out the number equation you’ll need to solve.

only one step, and we’ve been able to easily decide if they are addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. However, some story problems have more than one step, involving more than one key word and/or operation. the Elementary School years Best way to solve word or story. Apr 15,  · Tell students that sometimes when we read a word problem, it can be hard to figure out how to start the problem.

But drawing a model can help organize the information from the word problem and make it easier to solve. Write a simple word problem on the board (i.e.

Hannah runs three miles every day. Modeling Multiplication Word Problems.4/5(1). We will use these problems as we continue to study division, so please put the problem on 1 side of the paper and solve it on the back.

We don’t want to give the answer away! I often allow students to spread out around our room, write in crayon and write in markers, just to make it more fun.

It's amazing how excited they get about writing a math. Strategies for Solving Word Problems will help you more easily solve word problems in math. In this book, you will learn six math strategies—plans for finding solutions to word problems.

The strategies are taught as part of a six-step process. You will learn how to choose and use the best strategy, step by step, to solve a word problem. Video: Writing & Solving Division Word Problems with One Variable After watching this video lesson, you should be able to solve word problems that involve the division operator.

Learn how to write your math problem using an algebraic expression and then solve it. Nov 13,  · Find out why Close. Problem Solving Strategy 8: Write a Number Sentence or Equation - Duration: How to Solve Word Problems - Duration: eHowviews.

Write a division word problem and explain how to solve it by acting it out
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