What was the greek word for one who participates in sport contests

What is the number one participation sport worldwide? What sports were in the ancient greek Olympics? Who participated in the original Greek Olympics? The challenge and breaking or building a manbrought them closer as a people to their beliefs in supremebeings--as if proof of being a worthy people.

What are the names of the ancient Greek Olympic sports? Who was the Greek god of sports? TheGreek armies had to be fit enough to march long distances, carryingall their heavy equipment, and then begin the fight with theenemy.

Well I know for a fact that they invented the competitions of the Ancient Olympics, and I have also heard they have invented boxing? In what sports did women participate in ?

The third and favorite sport was wrestling. How do you participate in Webkinz contests?

The fifth and final sport was the throwing of the javelin. Sports promoted fitness and stamina and a desire to achievegreatness, and so were of social benefit.

There was running, discus, javelin, races with armour on, triple jump, double jump, wrestling, boxing, chariot racing and fighting. Sometimes long-jumpers held round pieces of iron comparable to modern dumbbellswhich they would sling with the momentum of their body to increase their distance.

Who was allowed participate in the greek government? They were held in Greekcities as a part of religious festivals to honour the gods.

Finger-twisting, pushing, and choking were all allowed. Sport was a good preparation for war too. Running, the oldest sport of all, was the first. The Greeks had a variety of governments based on locationwithin the country. The dangerous sport of boxing, which was not included in the big five, was also popular.

The what is participated in the sport of basketball? Somewere much more widely attended than others, gaining inter-cityrepute throughout the Greek world, and came to deliver financialand prestige benefits.

Why were the Greeks encouraged to participate in sports?

The participant who wants to enter into the glamour society for him it is the best. Every Greek man was expected to keep in shape in case he was called up to the military. Examples ofthe English word which has the Greek origin includes abax, abacus,agape, and antagonist.

What sports did the Greeks invent? Sports promoted fitness and stamina and a desire to achievegreatness, and so were of social benefit. Ancient Greek Olympic Sports. Greek people also enjoy basketball, volleyball, waterpolo, wrestling, and kickboxing. The ubiquity of soccer suggests that a larger number may participate in play, although not with any level of organization or standardization of fields.

Because of this, women were prevented from attending the gymnasium. Christians, and everybody else, should do what their own consciences dictate. Ancient Greeks loved sport andmost cities because they could run around naked in Ancient Greecehad public gymnasiums where people gathered to train and relax.

Most menand boys practised sports every day because they enjoyed them andwanted to keep fit. There are so many English words of the Greek origin. Certain areas of the gymnasium were reserved for particular sports:Of course, the ancient Greek sports featured at the early Olympic games were much more than just races; although at first that was the only event.

The meter long stadion race was the event run every four years at first, and it is the word from which the name "stadium" is derived. Soccer. According to one source, Repucom/ Daily Telegraph, which surveyed a cross-section of the population, cricket was selected as the most popular sport in Australia by p articipation, spectator and television viewer numbers.

Athlete, the Greek term for one who participates in physical contests, is still in use today. The pentathlon was a set of five sports that every athlete set out to master. Running, the oldest sport of all, was the first. Ancient Greece (Block 3) What was the Greek word for one who participates in sport contests?

An Athlete THE LIFE OF A GREEK BOY~Part III (7) What was a sophist? What was the most dangerous Greek sport? What is the "bible of the Greeks"?

The gymnasium was the ancient predecessor of what modern institution? According to the Greek moral code, what two crimes were capital offenses? Failing to bury properly and dishonoring a guest Explain how Greeks did not have a strict religious code.

The greek word that is used for people who participates in the sports contests are called Athletes. This is being referred to people who join in contest that is in line or fall under the category of sports which is a greek word.

What was the greek word for one who participates in sport contests
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