Using phazer to avoid a speeding ticket

After passed the trap, my eyes stay glued my rear view mirror, praying the police officer will pass me up for a "bigger fish. Police often operate police radar or police laser from hidden positions on the roadway.

Remember, radar detectors, are just tools to supplement your situational awareness, not replace it. Own and know how to use a good radar detector.

If you are going to speed, do it reasonably and prudently. In other states, some officers will hand-hold police laser guns from hidden positions like this. They set a nice example and actually I am thankful that they do, because other vehicles around them tend to drive overly slow which would really make for unnecessary traffic congestion if they merely drove the speed limit.

Generally speed limit reductions like are limited to 10mph increments, which is why they can occur so quickly, perhaps in the span of a 30 seconds and in the space of less than a mile. Without question this is the most important thing you can do to avoid speeding tickets. While the Phazer is designed to help you and me avoid speed traps, it is intended Using phazer to avoid a speeding ticket condone excessive speeding.

Always know what the posted speed limits actually are. Owning a good radar detector, though, is not enough, however. This, in effect, gives the waiting radar unit an electronic "lobotomy. If you solely rely on your radar detector to save you, sooner or later, you are going to lose.

Quickly weave in and out of the left lane — Not only does this increase the risk of accidents, police are also trained to look for drivers who drive aggressively.

The radar component works by mixing an X, K or Ka radar signal with an FM "chirp" and bouncing it back at the squad car by way of a waveguide antenna, effectively confusing the computer inside the radar gun.

This tactic turned out to be crucial, because at one point of the drive, after I had been driven at high rate of speed for nearly an hour, I spotted what looked like an approaching patrol vehicle way in the distance on the opposite side of the highway. Drive protected with the Laser Veil Stealth Coating.

Even if you get caught speeding, if you are observed to be doing it reasonably, your chances for leniency increase significantly. In the case of the on-ramp, a cruiser can easily be parked quite a distance away from the highway at the beginning of the on-ramp for targeting vehicles from the rear.

It means pay close attention to your surroundings and the behavior of the traffic ahead and approaching. Be familiar with what types of speed enforcement are used on your travel routes.

For them, this can be like shooting fish in a barrel.

There are very good radar detectors at a variety of price points. One state highways, like Route 1 that runs along the East Coast, there are many places where the posted speed limit drops quickly from 55mph to 45mph and then down to 35mph.

Get in the habit of looking farther ahead of you. My heart skips a beat and for some reason I look at my speedometer. Knowing how to drive with a radar detector is actually more important than owning a particular model, no matter how good it is.

In that brief moment, you have the ability to spot them too and begin braking prior to them pulling the trigger. In the early days of traffic enforcement, there were primarily two types of police radar used to instantly clock speeds.

The Phazer uses light-emitting diodes LEDs to fire invisible infrared pulses through the windshield.

By the time you react, it may already be too late. A long time ago, I participated in a cross-country race, not too unlike the Cannonball Run. Having advanced knowledge of these hazards will make you a safer driver.

In some states, police often hide on the shoulder right after an overpass. When done in a cooperative spirit, this can be a fun thing to do.

Many patrol vehicles have retroreflective paint or stickers, which can make spotting them at night even easier. There was an empty stretch of highway where my navigator and I drove well in the triple digits.

They need you to be far enough down the road before they can get an accurate speed reading from the rear of your vehicle giving you increased odds of avoiding a speeding ticket. Works with laser, too! Radar the car is going 15 m. The laser component transmits an infrared beam that has the same effect on laser Lidar units.Speeding Ticket Essay Examples.

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words. 1 page. Using Phazer to Avoid a Speeding Ticket. words. 1 page. How to. May 20,  · - Episode 6 - Using Waze to Avoid a Speeding Ticket - Burning Car (and a speeding ticket). Also, a review and real life use of the Waze app for Android.

Several tips on how to get out.

Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets. Happy Wednesday everyone! At The Ticket Clinic, we are big fans of top ten lists. This one from Popular Mechanics caught our eye earlier this week.

We are particularly partial to #4. Jul 29,  · Speeding tickets are easy to avoid if you're vigilant and proactive.

How to avoid speeding tickets

Being an attentive, careful driver and keeping yourself from speeding is the best way to avoid a ticket; this involves identifying your speeding triggers, preparing for all eventualities on the road, and staying aware of your speed at all times%(9).

Tips to Avoid a Speeding Ticket Following are some tips on avoiding a speeding ticket. You might want to print this ebook out and review it a couple of times. It is good info. I follow these strategies myself, and for the most part have managed to escape being ticketed.

I won’t even bother to say, “Don’t exceed the speed limit”. While the Phazer is designed to help you (and me) avoid speed traps, it is intended to condone excessive speeding.

For that reason, the first year, the manufacturer will pay tickets where the d limit was not exceeded by more 30%, or 15 miles per hour, whichever is less. Double protection from speed traps.

Using phazer to avoid a speeding ticket
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