The contrast between athens and spartas area of advancements

For most of the time they were at odds with each other especially in matters of running the country. Adaptations Adaptation for older students: Athens had something the other poleis did not, which was its harbor, allowing it to trade with the other city-states located on the water and other nations in the Aegean Sea easily.

A majority of battles during the Peloponnesian War took place on land, and this was an area where Sparta outperformed all others. Now introduce the term democracy. Lifestyle Differences The people of Athens considered very modern in their outlook encouraged a good education, especially in the arts and science.

Children of citizens were raised to be "Spartan", taught to get along with almost nothing. Sparta was led by an oligarchy, with two kings that gained their position by birth, with fathers passing down their crowns to their sons.

While the Spartans had no militaristic intentions of conquest, they did lend military aid to their neighbors when needed, and were viewed as some of the greatest warriors in the region.

Their stories should contain at least three aspects of Spartan or Athenian life. These opposing attributes made Greece a very powerful and influential nation, but at the same time it became their ultimate weakness.

Metics - those who came from outside the city; they were not allowed to own land, but could run industries and businesses.

They were educated in choral dance, reading and writing, but athletics and military training were emphasized. Athenians came from the Ionians while Spartans were descendants of Dorian invaders who came from the north.

What Are the Differences Between Athens and Sparta?

Prostitutes and courtesans were not confined to the house. Host a brief quiz based on popular representations and misrepresentations of ancient Greece, asking such questions as: This led to water being in short supply in Sparta.

For this lesson, you will need: Two kings who were generals in command of the armies and with some religious duties. The education of a girl involved spinning, weaving, and other domestic art. In addition, the people of Athens elected generals to lead the military.

Next, move on to a discussion of the differences between a modern U.The Differences Between Athens And Sparta History Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: One similarity between this two cities, were that no women where consider citizens but on Athens they weren’t allowed to own land. Not all the things between Sparta and Athens were completely different, there were some things which they had.

Similarities and Differences between Spartan and Athenian society. By Alexander J. Knights, 15 sat to discuss political, militaristic and social matters and agendas in the pnyx.

This was an area close by to the markets and social centre of Athens, the “agora”. In contrast, Athenian men attended “symposiums”, meaning “drinking.

• Categorized under Culture | Difference Between Sparta and Athens  Sparta vs Athens When discussing the greatness of ancient civilizations, it’s impossible not to toss Greece into the mix.

Difference Between Sparta and Athens

Athens and Sparta Compare and Contrast. Differences and similarities of Athens and Sparta. STUDY. PLAY. Sparta. Had two kings rule. Sparta. Boys had to begin military training at seven years old.


Athens vs. Sparta ( Venn Diagram)

Men gain full citizenship at thirty years old. Athens. Men. Athens vs. Sparta (Venn Diagram) Athens vs. Sparta Description: Compare and contrast Ancient Athenians and Spartans--You can edit this template and create your own diagram.

Creately diagrams can be exported and added to Word, PPT (powerpoint), Excel, Visio or any other document. Use PDF export for high quality prints and SVG export for. Sparta and Athens: compare and contrast. Comparing Sparta and Athens using social irony Sparta Similarities and Differences between Athens and Sparta The Spartans militaristic government promoted the whole before the part.

Similarities between Athens .

The contrast between athens and spartas area of advancements
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