Tax administration in nigeria a case

Is there any form of training and seminar for the personnel of Federal Inland Revenue Service? Also, there was problem of restricted information, because some of the staff of the Federal Inland Revenue Service FIRSIkeja was reluctant to fill the questionnaire administered to them while some refused to fill the questionnaire at all 1.

Understandably however, tax administration is embedded with a legion of problems on one hand and there are prospects available to administer taxes effectively on the other. There is an inevitable conflict between defined policy and ability to execute them. It was also observed by the Federal Inland Revenue Services FIRS that many Companies are in the habit of evading company income tax payment and this attitude has slowed down the growth of economy of the nation.

African countries have to improve on their tax collection, while also improving on their political and financial independence if they wish to develop their economics.

This consists of expenditure the benefit of which is not fully consumed in one period, but spread over several periods. In the final analysis, this research work was also limited to the data gathered from the finance and accounting department of the local government.

In carrying out the study, efforts should gear to: It is a criminal act under the tax law because it is illegal. The companies and individual to be covered in this research work include: The situation is a common knowledge, which manifest sometimes in delay of payment of salaries for some months, and in ability to execute needed projects for the good of the people.

Does the Federal Inland Revenue Service and the government work hand in hands to ensure that new companies and unregistered ones are registered? The magnitude of the doubt raised above implies some underlying problems and this is the inspiration of the research.

It is therefore, imperative to mention that one of the major reasons for undertaking this work is the belief that for any meaningful improvement to take place in Government Accounting and finance control, the strands forming part of these systems must first be put together in doing so, the inadequacies inherent in the areas of each system would be pointed out and criticized or mentioned as probable areas for future development.

Be that as it may, it appears the situation is centrally when view from the practical implementation especially as it concerns the area under investigation. There is no effective and good operating tax policy of company income tax 2.

There is no severe punishment and fine for company that fails to register, make returns or evade tax. These small scale enterprises cannot function properly if they are not Since there is a gap between what is supposed to be and what is actually on the ground, it therefore become impossible for smoothly collection of tax by Lagos state internal revenue service.

Ibadan University Press, Ibadan. This is a form of tax levied by government on the income and revenue of individuals and companies in which the burden is not transferable. However, the various taxes collected by the government particularly the company income tax are used to provide social amenities like water, electricity, good road network, education, health care services and many more which in tum promote the standard of living of the citizens and residents of a nation.

For example, land and buildings, plant and machinery, maintaining of roads and other projects of capital nature. Instant Share On Social Media: This is particularly pertinent given the acute financial situation of the Board of Internal Revenue Service.

In the light of this, the study will focus on companies within Lagos State. This is a deliberate act on the part of the taxpayer not to pay tax due. That another source of tax revenue is not essential for Nigerian Local Governments. Faraz Hussain from University of Abuja said "This is a great help for those who seek education.

Questionnaire, Data Analysis, Abstract:: In the past government derived more revenue from Company Income tax compared to any other sources of revenue but now reverse is the case and this is due to the ineffectiveness of the administrative machinery of Company Income Tax.PROCEDURE, PROBLEM AND PROSPECTS OF PERSONAL INCOME TAX ADMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA.

(A CASE STUDY OF OYO STATE BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE), Largest Undergraduate Projects Repository, Research Works and Materials. Download Undergraduate Projects Topics and Materials Accounting, Economics, Education. company income tax administration in nigeria, problem and solution (a case study of federal inland revenue service, firs lagos state, ikeja branch) chapter onei.


BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY. The recent global crisis in the world has brought to the fore the need to note that this overdependence on oil creates unnecessary shocks and thus, the need for. TAX ADMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA: CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS, A CASE STUDY OF LAGOS STATE BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, Largest Undergraduate Projects Repository, Research Works and Materials.

Download Undergraduate Projects Topics and Materials Accounting, Economics, Education. The primary objective of this paper is to prepare a case study on tax administration in Nigeria, with the specific objectives of examining the main tax reforms in the country; highlighting tax revenue profile and composition; analysing possible distributional impacts on the poor.

Tax Administration in Nigeria: a Case Study of Federal Inland Revenue Service(Firs) Words | 27 Pages grows with the constant change in the economic environment in which it operates, hence the need to review the regulating instruments from time to time.

Tax administration in nigeria a case
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