Solution to mackies problem of evil essay

An omnipotent God would be able to inspire those other people without allowing a bad situation to develop. The important question is: Why both i and ii are required to solve the problem.

God is omnipotent all-powerful God is all loving benevolent but evil suffering still exists in the world. Andy Walters September 13, at 8: Augustine thought that matter was intrinsically good.

Dilbert sums it up nicely. Here it can be shown, not only that religious beliefs lack rational support, but that they are positively irrational, that the several parts of the essential theological doctrine are inconsistent with one another The problem of evil is concerned with the undeserved suffering in the universe.

The idea that all evil is caused from the devil is comes from a dualist belief. If God exists, then God would have to have done X. Because god gave us free will there had to be the potential to disobey him and do wrong.

Because that what will be required.

Explain The Problem of Evil - Essay

Mackie gives us two: Moral evil is the evil created by humanity e. Clearly, his failure to avail himself of this possibility is inconsistent with his being both omnipotent and wholly good.

Using these, we can deduce a contradiction from the three principles with which we began. Chris September 13, at Is there any logical contradiction between the fact that my memory and senses tell me that almost everybody has two legs and my belief that Homo sapiens is a unipedal species?

John Hospes try to defend the existence of evil by saying: A horse which has free will but does not run away is better than a runaway horse. This idea contradicts statements in the bible that talk about punishing the wicked and evil people going to hell and so for this reason many religious people do not agree with this idea.

Did you change something? The problem for Christians can be summarised as: God was not, then, faced with a choice between making innocent automata and making beings who, in acting freely, would sometimes go wrong:In this essay I am going to examine the problem of evil.I will split it into two main parts; the problems raised for a religious believer by the existence of evil and the solution or answer to these problems.

But Plantinga does not need a successful theodicy to defeat Mackie’s logical problem of evil.

Arguing About Evil: Mackie’s Argument

He doesn’t need to show exactly what God’s morally justifying reason for permitting evil really is. If he doesn’t believe it, and his fellow Christians don’t believe it, then he has not found a solution to the problem of evil.

J L Mackie's Evil and Omnipotence article. this is not a plausible solution for the problem of evil as it implies a severe restriction of God's power.

It would be a causal law that you cannot have a certain end without a certain means so that if God has to introduce evil as a means to good, he must be subject to at least some causal laws.

Free Essay: J.L. Mackie's "Evil and Omnipotence" The philosopher J.L. Mackie wrote a very convincing piece on the problem of evil called “Evil and.

Mackie thinks that these two principles are plausible. Using these, we can deduce a contradiction from the three principles with which we began. 2 Solutions to the problem of evil.

Since it seems that the five above principles do imply a contradiction, and there are no true contradictions, we have a reductio of this group of principles. Solution to Mackie's Problem of Evil Essay by stujay, University, Bachelor's, A+, April download word file, 5 pages download word file, 5 pages 7 votes/5(7).

Solution to mackies problem of evil essay
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