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In the second part, "when the Commission shall have notified the Government of India" that Pakistani withdrawal has been completed, India was to withdraw the bulk of its forces.

Try not to let your proposal become lost in the sea of information.

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Explain why your country does or does not support other draft resolutions. Try to breathe from your diaphragm — the organ below your lungs that controls your respiration. McMahon states that American officials increasingly blamed India for rejecting various UNCIP truce proposals under various dubious legal technicalities just to avoid a plebiscite.

According to historian Yaqoob Khan Bangash, the provisional government lacked sway over the population which had intense pro-Pakistan sentiments. The two sides agreed to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir.

The peace plan failed. Position papers may serve as a starting point for negotiations and debate at the Conference.

Try not to speak in circles. Let the bullets fly: The main thing to remember is to always insure that your appearance is tidy and Position paper on kashmir issue by, and that you are well-covered.

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The city of Srinagar was being patrolled by the National Conference volunteers with Hindus and Sikhs moving about freely among Muslims, an "incredible sight" to visiting journalists.

Each delegation should submit its position papers for ALL committees and topics at the same time. Slouching, tilting your head and crossing your arms or legs will take away from your message. Usually, the length of time a delegate is allowed to speak is set by the conference organizers.

A good position paper will not only provide factors but also make proposals for resolutions. Pakistan agreed but Nehru said he would not allow a third person to decide the fate of four million people.

Always provide alternatives and be sure to back up your argument Professional Dressing Dress for Success Dressing professionally and appropriately is an important aspect of Model United Nations preparations.

Your committee will be more likely to approve the resolutions if many delegates contribute ideas. Noorani Jinnah ended up squandering his leverage.

Leaving a moment of silence between sentences can be a powerful public speaking tool. The assistance given by Pakistan to the rebel forces and the Pakhtoon tribes was held to be a hostile act and the further involvement of the Pakistan army was taken to be an invasion of Indian territory.

At some conferences, delegates may wear their own national dress; however, most conferences will require western business attire.

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Stand up straight, relax your shoulders, plant your feet firmly and keep your knees unlocked to help you communicate confidence.

Pakistan can also take encouragement from some aspects of Chinese policy on Kashmir. History of Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir princely state According to the midth century text Rajatarangini the Kashmir Valley was formerly a lake.

Chinese spokesmen are silent on the merits of the Kashmir issue. CST on 25 October in order to be eligible for a position paper award. Jammu and Kashmir, the largest of the princely states, had a predominantly Muslim population ruled by the Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh.

The National Conference rejected this resolution and Nehru supported this by telling Dr Graham that he would receive no help in implementing the Resolution.

This remains the local tradition and Kashyapa is connected with the draining of the lake [40] in traditional histories.

Gulab Singh took the title of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. Get to the point: Many of these Muslims believed that the Maharaja ordered the killings in Jammu and instigated the Muslims in West Pakistan to join the uprising in Poonch and help in the formation of the Azad Kashmir government.Kashmir Conflict: Solutions and Demand for Self-determination Rashmi Sehgal School of History, Politics and Strategic Studies the Kashmir issue has attracted attention of many researchers, scholars and authors.

Jana Sangh had early taken the position that Kashmir was an integral part of India, that the reference of the.

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Kenya Position Paper Kashmir. Download. Kenya Position Paper Kashmir. Uploaded by. Samantha Pohly. The Republic of Kenya would not take strong issue with India ceding some of the region to Pakistan in order to alleviate the possibility of further religious tensions or terrorism.

Furthermore, the Republic of Kenya is familiar with the. Ireland is committed to this position until the three parties to the dispute, Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir arrive at some mutually acceptable final settlement. Ireland has always emphasized the necessity of a meaningful, constructive and result oriented dialogue to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

Sample Position Papers. The position papers submitted here are formal, public statements of a delegation’s position on the topics under consideration in a particular committee. Position papers may serve as a starting point for negotiations and debate at the Conference.

Ideally, position papers lay out a country’s position on an issue. The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily Declassified British papers indicate that Britain and US had let their Cold War calculations To achieve its goal of self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir the Jamaat e Islami's stated position was that the Kashmir issues be resolved through constitutional means and Location: Kashmir.

[Author’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course Title] Date Kashmir Issue The disputed territory of Kashmir is the oldest conflict that has yet to be resolved by United Nations between India and Pakistan.

Position paper on kashmir issue by
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