Middle school research paper note cards

Look for CD versions or online versions of the printed counterparts- these are constantly updated and thus contain current information. Did everyone get enough information? Is the author an expert on the subject?

Only write on one side of the note card or paper. Carefully evaluate any information found online. Use the same type of note card or paper for each note you take. Use bookmarks or sticky notes to mark pages you want to read more carefully and take notes on. Many libraries carry past editions of newspapers on microfilm and many newspapers offer searchable databases online.

I have taught my students in both intermediate composition and a senior seminar about Zotero, and all of them have found it useful for organizing their research as they go including tracking bibliographic info as well as keeping notes, quotes, and summariescreating annotated bibliographies and, ultimately, helping them be more effective researchers.

All information and sources must be related directly to your topic. We need to make their research process more purposeful by inviting them to write about it for a variety of purposes. Be sure to include the page number s where you located the information.

These are real concerns, and I am not trying to down play them here. Always identify the source of the information and page number at the top of your note card or paper- use the code for each source if possible.

Use your own words. Is the information well researched? Atlases, Almanacs, and Yearbooks: Moreover, I am not sure of the context in which you ask it; are you someone who thinks this process is archaic, or are you someone who finds this method valuable?

Yet, to limit their writing about that particular topic to creating only a research paper very much limits their engagement with the topic and the ways in which they represent their thinking.

Below, I have copied and pasted the response that I offered him via email. Discuss the possibilities with students. Discuss the importance of evaluating resources and review the list of "self-questions" they should ask as they review a reource: You may wish to discuss ideas with students.

Locating Resources Explain that the success or failure of any report can sometimes be directly linked to the quality of the resources or information used for research.

Do You Use 3×5 Cards? Rethinking the Research Process

Also, remind students that this is simply a time to get their thoughts on paper- get content down now, and go back later to make corrections. Your librarian can also help you use indexes to magazine articles by topic in print and online. This will help when it comes time to organize and write your outline.

I also invite you to write back, so we can continue this conversation. At this point, you can also encourage a peer review. Brainstorm a list of subjects that interests you.

Research Reports

What did they like? With these technologies, among a number of others such as wikis and social networks, I feel that students can become more active researchers. Explain the importance of an outline and its role in creating a paper that makes sense and flows from one point to another.

Is the information relevant to my topic? Begin this lesson with a classroom brainstorming session. Have students check flow, content, and sentence structure by reading their paper out loud. Assign each source a code or abbreviation. Share the following tips for choosing a great topic: Did they learn anything new?

Once the students have had time to round up a good group of resources, take a few moments to teach note-taking skills. Here is the longer answer that looks at pedagogy, genres in writing, and technologies available for digital writing.

This makes it easier to go back and recheck or get additional information.How to Organize a Research Paper using Notecards. Bonita Springs Middle. Language Arts Department. MLA Research Outline Use notecards!

(3x5 index cards) Organize your notes to match the sections of your outline. Color code your notes by section. Use different colored notecards for each section! What are source cards? How to. Track research notes with this chart template. gather all the students from a grade level in a large common area.

Give each student a slip of paper with the name of an animal on it. Avery Middle School, Newland, North Carolina A Tangled Web Gather students in a circle sitting around you on the floor. Hold a large ball of yarn. Start by. Research Paper Student Notes Template. Research Paper Student Notes Template It also contains cards with a menu of + comment options See more.

Book Review Outline Freebie. Before beginning your middle school research project, you have to teach kids how to cite - especially internet sources! Many middle schoolers have.

Nov 26,  · Tips to help write a note card for research papers and projects. Middle School Research Writing and Practices. Sixth grade Seventh grade, Eighth grade 2 more Robin Daugherty from King's Ridge Christian School, Ga.

Location: Research Paper. Objective: The students will use research note cards to make an outline for their research paper. Fifth grade. Using Source Cards & Note Cards Guidelines for Using Note Cards and Source Cards Source Card: Contains information about the source of information, such as author, title, publisher, copyright date, web address, etc.

Middle school research paper note cards
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