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R - Members List. Because of this, if your team consists of multiple coloured cards, you should check the note distributions for the song on the wiki and place your on-colour cards where the most notes hit to maximize your score.

You can use 1 scouting ticket to replace the cost of 5 loveca to do a single honor scout. There also will be the same difficulty of event songs, but at 4x rates.

The amount of gold you get is shown: Certain SR or UR cards have lines they only say on the main screen when you have a high bond with them. The greater, the tougher. Each place has their own set of missions and side stories to complete to unlock the next place.

Use 5 loveca to scout an honor student. When selecting a song, you can also select a friend leader. Depending on your rank, you will have different amounts of LP, friend slots, and different songs will be available to you. A little chart is as follows: A Bad or greater is required to receive the token.

There are additional prizes that you can claim when you hit certain event point milestones, and each event features a special SR card.

Players can use these seal to Idolize their card but with less effect and more cost compared to using the copy. This is also seen by the icon on the bottom right of the card a little moon symbol in this case.

Love Live! School idol festival

The score can then be viewed and compared to the other players on the leaderboard. You can enter a song, pause, and go back to sleep for a 2. The bond and leader skill bonuses affect it a bit more.


Each member scouted this way will be contributed to the "Honor Student Bonus", and when 10 is filled, resets, and rewards the player with a "Scouting Coupon". There are also some versions of the.

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Live Shows and Scoring During a live show, there are 4 types of notes that can come down. Getting the game working First off, here are the links to the game. M - Side stories. When playing a song that costs LP, you will gain tokens equivalent to the amount of LP it costs, with 2 exceptions: It features her talking with the player, expressing the current event or their feelings.


Players can also host their own private rooms with the option to enable public matchmaking. One of the cards will be level depending on the difficulty of the song, and the other 2 will be level 1.

Loveca has many uses in this game. Treat it like a key to your account. School Idol Skills Version 4. The bond and leader skill bonuses of the team you used 3. It is generally suggested to put your highest rarity card of that color as the leader to get the most score out of your team as possible.

Reboot once more, and then try launching SIF. P - Special Practice. If you wanna talk to some people, hit us up on the irc at irc. Also, N sticker usually gained by selling R cards can also be gained by completing Live shows, or as a reward for quests.You will be asked to select a difficulty and your unit team, then compete with 3 other players for best score.

See the Score Match section in the Gameplay page for more details. Event Cards. 又是SIF活動報告的時間了(揮手 新活動仍未推出,繼續是Score Match 時間 原來已經是第13回了. 今次是我家花陽親. Love Live! School Idol Festival is a mobile rhythm game available on iOS & Android. All SFW content regarding SIF is welcome here!

Are you new to the game? Ask some questions in our Q&A thread!Subscribers: 28K. Score Match; Medley Festival; Profile Editor; Remaining Event Time.

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Calculation Method Automatic Calculation Manual Input. Start: End: LoveLive! School idol festival Calculator - Score Match. Point Rank; Score Match; Medley Festival; Profile Editor; Remaining Event Time.

Calculation Method Automatic Calculation Manual Input. The Ultimate Resource For LoveLive! School Idol Festival players Browse & track your cards. Vote for the best girl. Find this Pin and more on LoveLive Sunshine!Kanan (SR).

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Lovelive score match
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