International standerds ensure positive changes

Any product approved by international standards to meet the requirements can be sold in any nation without any barrier. For example, American products are often most preferred due to the fact that they are approved by the American National Standards which is very strict so as to ensure quality of the product.

Standards share best practices in renewable energy generation, provide cutting-edge requirements and processes for waste disposal and recycling, and tools to enhance efficiency and environmental sustainability across all industry sectors.

'International standards ensure positive change to spur economic growth'

Every nation in the world has its criteria for assessing the quality of products depending on the development of that country.

The standards organizations across the world provide employment opportunities to many people. Imagine the world without standards.

Positive change on World Standards Day 2013

In this complex environment, international standards are powerful tools to lead positive change by detailing specifications that can open up global markets, create enabling business environments, spur economic growth and help mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Goods imported to our country come from foreign nations. Standards were introduced to increase productivity and the quality of the goods. Standards are also applied as tools to help reduce climate change by improving energy efficiency and decreasing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Standards ensure expertise in the entire world. World Standards Day is celebrated each year on 14 October to pay tribute to the efforts of thousands of experts worldwide who collaborate to International standerds ensure positive changes voluntary international standards that facilitate trade, spread knowledge and disseminate technological advances.

In this complex environment, international standards are powerful tools to lead positive change by detailing specifications that can open up global markets, create enabling business environments, spur economic growth and help mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Since quality and efficiency of goods are judged based on standards, industries and manufacturing companies ensure creativity which induces expertise. Managers, laboratory technicians, chemists, scientists are among the careers provided by standards organizations.

This is to safeguard the users. The biggest role of international standards is in increasing market share is creating national prestige where by each nation wants to honored in quality of goods it produces hence leading to global competition in productivity.

Standards reduce the cost in production by optimizing operations and therefore improve the bottom line. This becomes a burden in production since the cost is multiplied. Tanzanian and other international standards ensure that chemicals are stored in favorable conditions.

Standards ensure positive change

People would be complaining due to the increase of fake products in the market. International standards raise competition in productivity and quality of goods.

World Standards Day 2013: International standards ensure positive change

K, Saini, Dy Director General NorthBIS, during his welcome address said that the requirements of society for standardization is well recognized by BIS, which has initiated action for developing standards in tune with world trade.

Ebenezer made it into the top 10 and travelled to Dar es Salaam for the award ceremony. The world standard organization is called ISO. Standards also reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Even though the product is quality but it is not approved by the international standards, such products may be regarded as fake products.

When goods which are below the required standards are imported or exported, such goods may be banned from being sold by the concerned national standards organization.

He said that in todays increasingly globalized trading environment, international standards are powerful tools to lead positive change for spurring economic growth, adapt to climate change and open up global markets.

Standards support rapid economic growth in developing countries by outlining best practices that enable them to avoid "reinventing the wheel". These benefits are ultimately all passed on to the consumer in the form of greater choice, increased quality and lower prices. For example, acids which are imported to our nation are ensured to be at optimum concentration and not being too concentrated.


The Bureau also holds the national standards of metrology mass, volume, length, etc. The International Organization for Standardization was established in with the mission of promoting the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services and to develop cooperation in spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economical activity.

New markets are accessed due to the existence of standards. For instance, electronic machines which have no standards consume a lot of electric energy.

The principles underlying international standardization are today more relevant than ever. This is because we are still undeveloped because we import more compared to what we export.

A standard stimulates Innovation in the society. International standards ensure that products, services and environments become more accessible to persons with disabilities. Example, in South Africa we have well experienced experts in car manufacturing and these are made to the international standard and able to suit the conditions for transport in Africa.

Today, IEC, ISO and ITU are employing the time-tested benefits of standardization to broker global consensus on the best approaches to contemporary social, economic and environmental challenges.

Through standards people become experts in various fields such as engineering, information and communication technology, electronics and mechanics. He observed that international standards developed by the experts from around the world, contain internationally harmonized best practice which can be used to measure, compare and increase efficiency, combat environmental issues, reduce waste and provide portability of products and services anywhere around the globe, providing society with a solid platform for positive change.

Some products for instance can meet the required standard in Tanzania but cannot do the same in the USA.(St. Kitts and Nevis Bureau of Standards) Basseterre, St. Kitts – The St. Kitts and Nevis Bureau of Standards of the Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs joins with the International Standards Community in celebrating World Standards Day, today 14th October Standards continue to ensure positive change by removing barriers to communication and cooperation, and the work of IEC, ISO and ITU remains central to the development of standards that share knowledge among all the world’s countries and so provide building blocks for global prosperity.

Standards ensure positive change in many ways. These changes are beneficial to individuals and the world at large. These are some of the positive changes brought about by standards.

International standards ensure positive change Artist: Frederica Scott Vollrath. Today the international community faces shifting global markets as well as a need to balance remedies to macro-economic challenges with the urgent call for a meaningful response to climate change.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) which celebrated World Standards Day at the CII Northern Region headquarter here today holds the view that International Standards are powerful tools to lead. is being celebrated under the theme “International Standards Ensure Positive Change” and like many themes of the past it pays tribute to the efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide that voluntarily.

International standerds ensure positive changes
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