How to write a treasure hunt game for kids

Want to sneak something educational into their fun? If you want to learn and grow, turn the page, get in the know. You could even use a cardboard box and construction paper to decorate.

Have you ever had a treasure hunt with your kids? What do you think? Plan Your Clues Next you need to write out some clues for your treasure hunt. Time to chill, time to think; please go here for a cool, cool drink.

Tailor your clues to the ages and abilities of your treasure hunters. I put Clue 7 in the tire rim of our van.

We used 10 simple clues aimed at 5- to 7-year-olds: Dress-up, problem-solving, boredom-busting and prizes make for a fun day!

But be sure to allow them to think for themselves as much as possible and play the game at their own pace. Create a map on the computer.

Instruct older kids to take turns reading the clues aloud and to brainstorm together as a group before going on to look for the next location.

Hide clues inside places to make them more difficult to find. I try to make some of the locations more challenging so the hunt takes longer, but not so hard they cannot figure it out on their own.

I put Clue 4 under their toothbrushes. You can use any type of box or chest that you already have. Treasure hunts work best with five or fewer kids.

Part of the fun of a treasure hunt is the challenge of figuring it out themselves. You can also use plastic bins and decorate them for your theme.

I put the treasure box in the master bathroom in front of our large mirror. Place some clues that are easy to find and some that are more hidden and challenging. Plan Your Treasure Go somewhere private and prepare a surprise treasure for your players to find at the end of their quest.

Some Final Thoughts… You can get as creative as you want with a treasure hunt. If you want your teeth to shine, pick this up and spend some time. Split a large group into smaller teams for treasure hunting to minimize chaos.Please share any scavenger hunt ideas you have done with your kids below in the comments!

I’m on a hunt to find all sorts of kinds. Get the Gross Motor Go-To List Printable! Learning Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids: Reinforce Colors on a Scavenger Hunt: Search and take photos of the colors of the rainbow, from Tinkerlab.

Even though this treasure chest filled with candy is a fun find for most kids, the real treasure is in the hunt!

From picture clues to word scrambles and anagrams, the kids enjoyed hours of fun during our latest treasure hunt. Now our lively youthful group varied in ages from which worked great with the oldest helping the youngest.

The treasure hunt is especially fun with school-age kids who can read the clues themselves, though they may occasionally need help.

How to Make a Treasure Hunt for Kids: Your Ultimate Guide

With a lot of grandchildren on hand, the treasure hunt is likely to turn into a mad dash. With a. Jun 11,  · Treasure Hunt Whether it's a big birthday or an everyday afternoon, anyone can play our instant Treasure Hunt game. Just print out the Clues and Treasure Chest pages, grab a pen, and take a Phone: () Feb 27,  · Turn a scavenger hunt into a bingo game.

Start with a bingo grid and write the name of an item in each square. Have the players check off 93%(27).

How to write a treasure hunt game for kids
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