Gang violence

It is also important to understand how gang members use the Internet and how the police can use their desire to be recognized and respected in their sub-culture against them. Prison gangs often have several "affiliates" or "chapters" in different state prison systems that branch Gang violence due to the movement or transfer of their members.

However youth gangs are said to Gang violence an important social institution for low income youths and young adults because they often serve as cultural, social, and economic functions which are no longer served by the family, school or labor market.

During the late s and early s an increase in violence in the United States took place and this was due primarily to an increase in violent acts committed Gang violence people under the age of Immigration and Customs Enforcementand in September the gang was targeted by raids against its members, in which people Gang violence arrested across the United States.

For many members, reaching prison gang status shows the ultimate commitment to the gang. The total number of gang homicides reported by respondents in the NYGS sample averaged nearly 2, annually from to Hence, the name "Latin Kings and Queens", which as it denotes, is a reference to members of all Latino heritages.

Among agencies serving rural counties and smaller cities that reported gang activity, around 75 percent reported zero gang-related homicides. Responding to an increasing black and Hispanic migration, a white gang formed called Chicago Gaylords.

Female gangs in the United States Although female gang membership is less common than male membership, women and girls can become fully-fledged members of mixed-gender or exclusively female gangs. Black and Hispanic gangs formed during the s in the USA often adapted nationalist rhetoric.

Gangs today have similar practices of creating their own sub-language, symbols, handshakes and other identifiers. One study focused on terrorism and symbols states that "[s]ymbolism is important because it plays a part in impelling the terrorist to act and then in defining the targets of their actions.

The number of gang-related homicides reported from to is displayed by area type and population size. Motives[ edit ] Usually, gangs have gained the most control in poorer, urban communities and developing countries in response to unemployment and other services.

Gang members may engage in casual sex with these girls, but they are not viewed as potential longterm partners and are severely stigmatized by both men and women in gang culture. Highly populated areas accounted for the vast majority of gang homicides: Some of the most notorious and dangerous gangs have evolved from youth gangs.

The Sun-Times began investigating the gang activity in the military after receiving photos of gang graffiti showing up in Iraq. Some Sudanese gang members also possess strategic and weapons knowledge gained during conflicts in Sudan.

Texas "Cliques" tend to be headed by leaders called "OG"s short for " original gangsters " and each "clique" performs a specific activity or set of activities in a given area, such as controlling trafficking of recreational drugs and managing prostitution.

Gangs in the United States

The cliques typically bring more territory to a gang as they expand and recruit new members.Even though gang violence is decreasing overall, it still remains a problem. And, interestingly, it is a growing problem in smaller towns. Gang violence is very real, and is a problem in some cities and schools.

The number of gang-related homicides reported from to is displayed by area type and population size. From througha sizeable majority (more than 80 percent) of respondents provided data on gang-related homicides in their jurisdictions.

Factors Influencing Gang-Related Violence Respondents indicated the factor(s) that significantly influenced gang-related violence in their jurisdictions.

Gang Violence

In each year, a clear majority of agencies reported that intergang (between-gang) conflict and drug-related factors directly affected local levels of gang violence.

Except for gangs that specialize in violence, such as small Chicago Latino gangs (Block et al., ), violence is a rare occurrence in proportion to all gang activities (Maxson, ; Miller, ; Strodtbeck and Short, ). Gangs in the United States include several types of groups, including national street gangs, local street gangs, prison gangs, motorcycle clubs, and ethnic and organized crime gangs.

Approximately million people were part of gangs as ofand more than 33, gangs were active in the United States. Many American gangs began. Dec 22,  · Gang members spend their days worrying about rivals and how to make money — and turn to shooting to settle even the pettiest disputes.

Gang violence
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