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So what if our plans have been used to build more homes than plans from any other source. But the style that really caught fire—even more so than the bungalow—was the versatile ranch, which beginning in the s quickly dominated new home construction. As it turned out, builders were interested in acquiring well-designed plans.

But as people began moving from the farm to the city, the demand, not just for new homes but for new types of homes, surged. Even then Garlinghouse brought the American public what it wanted, a variety of good home designs, great customer service—and all at a great price.

Everything looked bigger than life and colorful as a Disney cartoon. And this we do. We promise great service, solid and seasoned technical assistance, tremendous choice, and the best value in new home designs available anywhere.

The business thrived as new houses went up from coast to coast. New homes were designed either by architects, who specialized in one-of-a-kind home designs, or by builders, who worked from a set of hand-me-down plans that had been built, in one modified form or another, over and over again.

Today, nearly all new homes are designed in the versatile open-plan style, which creates a more pleasing and useful flow than earlier homes had, with their walled-off, use-specific rooms. This meant that they were also the right size for new suburban lots and that many families could now own their own home.

The company was also a creature of its time.

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Our Lawn and Garden Ideas magazine showed just how wonderful the new suburban backyard could be, thanks to basket-weave fences, outdoor fireplaces, and something called "budget patios. Lumber dealers then distributed the publications to prospective builders to win their business while Garlinghouse sold the blueprints.

But what actually jump-started L.

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That allowed a homeowner to use a room for double duty, say a living room or study during the day and a bedroom when needed—a precursor to modern multi-task rooms. Before Lewis Garlinghouse came along, however, building a new home was quite a different proposition than it is today.

Soon photos and floor plans were hanging in banks, thrifts, and lumberyards all around the region. That was the chief revolutionary design point that broke with the past. How do you describe the ranch? According to the ad, "No matter where you live, a fallout shelter is necessary insurance.

After World War II, the swell in demand for home plans prompted fonehouse business plan company to sell its publications directly to consumers, who responded enthusiastically.

Big, rambling houses that worked well on the farm were no longer practical for small city and suburban lots. The truth is, nobody should buy anything from a company just because that company has been around for a century - not unless that company uses its years of tradition, experience, knowledge, market familiarity, and accumulated understanding of home design, family space requirements, and home construction to benefit you.

As the locations of homes changed, as modern neighborhoods and subdivisions were created, the demands on floor plans also changed. Garlinghouse had an idea to promote his construction business.

The original color drawings for each of these magazine covers featured sprawling homes drawn in the same style as the automobile ads of the day:IQ Business will go live next month and enable users to roam across multiple mobile networks.

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When people began asking where they could buy the blueprints, the home plan business as we know it today was born. A little more than a decade later, by the end of World War I, The Garlinghouse Company was publishing its growing collection of home plans and marketing books and brochures to lumber dealers across the nation.

Fonehouse business plan
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