Essay about workplace diversity

For managers and employees this may pose a major problem in adjusting to the many differences that will come from the many backgrounds of the workforce. Isolation of certain groups is also common among diverse populations within an organization. In short, they claim, diversity will be good for business.

Diversity within the workplace is deemed necessary in order for organizations to remain in compliance with laws that protect certain classes from discrimination such as Equal Employment Opportunity Laws. This paper will provide an overview of diversity within organizations addressing issues associated with a diverse workforce, methods of addressing those issues, and recommendations for human resource personnel in order to properly adapt accordingly to a diverse workforce.

Representatives of different ethnic groups and cultures have different norms and needs. How you refer to people from diverse populations requires some conscious sensitivity.

Leaders in the organizations should learn diversity differences of gender, age, sex and religion in their work environment and also to communicate will between them and how to manage it effectively.

Many managers answered this question with the assertion that discrimination is wrong, both legally and morally. Influence of Diversity on Nursing Care In fact, the diversity has a considerable impact on nursing care because the diversity defines the effectiveness of nursing care.

Many organizations are comprised of individuals of all ethnic backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, racial backgrounds, age groups, etc. Also the need of the diverse workforce is getting more not only because there are different people but also because they can produce better results with having different types of people working.

Addressing the Problems Diversity does not have to negatively impact an organization; however, organizations who fail to recognize the importance of diversity and the potential negative impact that it can have on an organization will lose out in many ways.

There are many aspects to impartially managing diversity as a manager and establishing the right attitude in the rest of the department. It is highly recommended that employers and human resource personnel embrace diversity implementing any program necessary in order to properly train employees to effectively address diversity.

There is an importance of having diverse workforce to provide better performance. The most important thing that must be taken into account with a diverse workforce is that no one person is the same.

There are various ways that human resource managers can effectively equip their organization for diverse populations and embracing the ideas, talents, and contributions that people from ethnic, educational, racial, and cultural backgrounds can bring to the company.

Finally, human resource managers can promote knowledge of the many cultural groups in an effort of encouraging acceptance of those differences. So it is important for the companies to manage the diversity workforce to value best performance.

Summary Thus, the diversity in the workplace environment is very important in the contemporary nursing care. Montaigne, the French essayist, said it this way: Human resource managers must recognize the factors that may arise from diversity and implement ways to deter the negatives that may arise from them.

Employees who feel unaccomplished in any way within an organization are more likely to leave the organization resulting in repeat turnover for the organization.

Essay: Diversity in the Workplace

With a diverse workforce an organization can also experience negative outcomes resulting in employee turnover and loss of productivity for the company.

With having more diverse work environment organization can produce better performance. The diversity in the workplace environment increases the overall performance of nurses because they become culturally competent and capable to work with diverse patients.

When demographic diversity is valued, all employees, even the non-traditional i. They have also asserted that organizations that value differences will cultivate non-traditional markets, by dint of their apparent progressiveness and their ability to assess non-traditional preferences; and will enjoy greater creativity, problem solving, and responsiveness as a result of the wider range of viewpoints brought to bear on tasks.

There is no way around diversity; therefore, it is imperative that each organizations take the steps necessary to address any issues that may hinder the organization from embracing the positives that can come from a diverse workforce.

Employee turnover and loss of productivity within an organization can be direct results of communication barriers, isolation, and tension caused by diversity. The diversity in the workplace in the health care environment affects consistently the effectiveness of performance of nurses.

Underrepresentation of Minorities in Nursing The current underrepresentation of minorities in nursing raises the problem of the adequate provision of nursing care services to patients. Such factors will result in many changes to the workforce both good and bad.

Obviously, if they meet cultural norms and needs of their clients, their performance is effective, if not, they can fail to reach positive effects in nursing care and treatment of patients.

Managers also have to communicate well with all the employees and listen to their problems that are of different background or cultures.

Diversity in the Workplace

Therefore, nurses should be able to meet needs of their clients and avoid offending them that makes diversity in the workplace environment crucial for health care organization and nursing. In many cases, certain groups may feel threatened by the other and this can create negative attention among both groups affecting any decision-making that will need to take place in order to get a job done.

With increased diversity within the U. Companies cannot avoid the change, no matter their preparations. Essay on Diversity in the Workplace Introduction Today, diversity in the workplace is crucial for the effective organizational performance, especially in the health care environment.

They have their norms and traditions and nurses cannot ignore these norms and traditions because their actions should meet ethical norms, while the violation of cultural norms and traditions of clients may be offensive and violate professional ethics of nurses.

It will lift morale, bring greater access to new segments of the marketplace, and enhance productivity. Tension among employees is common when they feel they are unable to communicate effectively or feel that their presence within the organization is less valuable than any other employee.

So it is becoming important for the companies manage the diversity to get better results out of employees.Essay on Diversity in the Workplace - Living in a country where it was founded by immigrants, diversity is everywhere you go especially in the workplace.

There are many types of diversity; ethnicity, gender, religion and age just to name a few. Diversity in the Workplace; Diversity in the Workplace. Diversity within the workplace is deemed necessary in order for organizations to remain in compliance with laws that protect certain classes from discrimination such as Equal Employment Opportunity Laws.

ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according to your requirements. A Sample Wanted. Introduction Today, diversity in the workplace is crucial for the effective organizational performance, especially in the health care environment.

Essay on Diversity in the Workplace

The diversity. Free Diversity Workplace papers, essays, and research papers. Free Essay: Diversity in the Workplace Wendy Fowler Diversity in the Workplace Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an.

Diversity in the Workplace. Print Reference this An employer who values cultural smarts will often hire trainers to give their employees in house workshops on cultural diversity. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to.

Essay about workplace diversity
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