Employee job satisfaction at sail

When a customer is dissatisfied, I can usually correct the problem to their satisfaction. This involves development of ports, smoother transportation to and from ports, rationalization of inland freight charges as well as better road movement facilities.

Inthe main producers i. This provides good opportunities to steel industry as a substitute of scrap. The secondary sector includes sponge iron producers, mini blast furnaces, electric arc furnaces, rerollers etc.

Developing countries and the Employee job satisfaction at sail countries are likely to have the fastest rate of growth in steel demand in the future. How satisfied are you with your involvement in decisions that affect your work?

The origin of the methods used by early man for extracting iron from ores is unknown. Workers who are satisfied with their job will be more productive, take fewer holidays, and stay loyal to the company.

In the developed world, the EU is expected to experience stagnant demand in the medium term, while the NAFTA block is likely to see low positive growth in consumption. During the early 90s, the Sponge Iron industry was especially promoted to provide an alternative material to steel melting scrap, which at that time was increasingly becoming scarce.

This report discusses the details of analysis of data related to Job Satisfaction. Although consumption of steel is likely to increase in most regions of the world in the medium term, growth in industrialized nations is likely to be much slower than the average growth in demand across the world.

Besides, overall manpower cost is also low. Surveys that allow employees ro highlight problem areas would be conducted. Senior managers visibly demonstrate a commitment to quality. With the advance of Industrial Revolution, iron formed the rails for the newly invented railroads trains.

The growth and development of iron and steel industry in the world until the second World War was comparatively slower. Since then India has emerged as one of the largest producers of Sponge Iron.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Considering the entire power supply position in the country as well as high power the most suitable steel making technology for India would be the integrated route. In early days the product probably was so relatively soft and unpredictable, that bronze continued to be preferred for many tools and weapons.

My job makes good use of my skills and abilities. As the trend in the world is towards producing low cost steel by using more environmental friendly means, steel producers worldwide are adopting new technologies like Corex and Compact Strip Casting, adopting alternate routes like Electric Arc Furnace instead of the traditional Blast Furnace-Basic Oxygen Furnace route, as well as importing raw materials like coke.

The main objective of this project is to identify the factors which influence the job satisfaction of employees. In the road and highway network, India is witnessing development of multiple-lane, safe and well designed interstate highways.

Our ancient literary sources like Rig Veda, the Atharva Veda, the Puranas and other Epics are full of references to iron and to its uses in peace and war.

Baring the recent slowdown due to global meltdown, economy is expected to continue on a high growth path with continued macroeconomic stability. On my job, I have clearly defined quality goals. Methods to be used There are many tools available that can be used to increase employee satisfaction.

Employee Job Satisfaction at Sail Essay

To know the employee satisfaction towards the facilities. Empowered, energetic and enthusiastic workforce can be of great benefit to any company. The cost advantage mainly arises from the abundant availability of cheap and good quality iron ore.

International steel sector is reflecting the global trends in business environment. I feel encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things. How satisfied are you with the information you receive from management on what is going on in your division?

How satisfied are you with your opportunity to get a better job in this company? The capital Goods sector which had shown a declining trend from the yearcame back strongly duringgrowing at the rate of The methods required to enhance satisfaction can easily be used in an employee centric organization.examined the extent of employee job satisfaction, together with its nature & degree of variation.

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is one of the India‟s fastest growing PSUs that secured the leader position in FY 16(1) in the steel sector with its. A study on employee job satisfaction h r final project Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Employee job satisfaction surveys provide boards of directors as well as management with the knowledge and tools to build positive employee relations and.

Nov 27,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. overall job satisfaction in the U.S. has declined significantly. A recent assessment of employee satisfaction by one of our clients. Job reviews for Full Sail University. Job Satisfaction Level. Recent Bonus.

Not eligible for bonus. Employees - especially females - frequently work in fear of the HR Manager. It seemed as though the HR Manager preferred male employees over female almost exclusively.

Employee satisfaction with IT services Essay

If this person did not like you for whatever reason, watch out. More Essay Examples on Employee Rubric “Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment.” (Jessica Ellis, ).

Employee job satisfaction at sail
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