Disability is not a curse

Disability Is Not A Curse - Ghana Tells UN

My doctors are very happy and appreciate for my confidence and passion to learn medical ethics and passion about to be involved in patient care services etc. My younger brother has neurofibromatosis 2 and Psedumeningoceile and has undergone number of surgeries for the correction of it in various hospitals in Delhi like St Stephens, Lok Nayak Jaiprakash, G.

Sc in Electronics from faculty of Applied Sciences, J. To reduce poverty and inequality among Persons with Disability, she noted that government was also reviewing the Ghana Disability Act of in order to adequately align it with the CRPD.

It was one the most major surgeries of my life and the miracle happened and I came back from the surgery alive. Together with the DPOs, she announced that a draft guideline and standards on the use of accessible formats in the provision of information and services in Ghana has been developed.

Other topics listed include the inclusion and full participation of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action and promoting inclusive urban development and implementation of the New Urban Agenda. I always think in a different manner and try to do the things differently and in an innovative way.

There was a noticeable Disability is not a curse up to 85 percent. All new government and public buildings are also to be built in such a way that will make it easy for People with Disabilities to easily gain access to them.

This increased the confidence of the doctors and they admitted me for the surgery.

It was due to more than 50 degree curve in the spine and then surgery was the only option. I told them that I would increase this saturation rate after exercises and I did that and proved that after 20 days. The Minister revealed that the current two per cent allocation of the national revenue from the District Assemblies Common Fund has been increased to three per cent in order to increase access to education, healthcare and assistive devices by the most vulnerable among Persons With Disability.

Other measures include providing ramps and lifts in public institutions, reading materials in accessible format with the help of the Braille translation centre of the Ghana Blind Union.

The whole risk was associated with general anesthesia due to my restricted chest wall. Again they put the plaster which covered my half of my body during the summer season. Doctors said that there would be a definite downfall if I underwent for the surgery as my oxygen saturation was 65 percent.

I would do something good for the people with disabilities. To ensure that the resources get to the right people, the Minister disclosed that the National Council for Persons with Disability had developed a mechanism to independently monitor the disbursement of the LEAP funds.

I am second in number.

Stephens hospital in It was my childhood dream to became a doctor and serve the humanity. I worked here for two years as a part of paramedical staff and that was the first step of my confidence building where I learnt number of medical ethics. The participants will also have an interactive dialogue between States parties and the United Nations system on the implementation of the convention.

But I am not disappointed that I could not become a doctor. Kyphotic patients face much difficulty in breathing. Few months back in Augustmy childhood spinal surgery failed when I was working in the Lab in Bangalore.

Training I did my training during M. The passion of learning and curiosity about this field has increased in my mind all the more. I love to work on Instruments and different technical gadgets.

Then I joined B.Disability is not a curse by Faisal Nawaz. I don't know from where to start but I can say that when disability arises a person has to face challenges and same happened with me.

Disability Is Not A Curse: Deciphering Disability In Society Disability, be it physical or mental, has been largely misunderstood by many.

While some fail to understand the condition, others might be insensitive to it. Then there. Girl With Disabilities Knows She Is Not a Curse Girl With Disabilities Knows She Is Not a Curse.

A mother and daughter find love and acceptance in their local church after fleeing death threats. “My Motto is ‘Disability is Not Inability’”. The Ghana government has intensified public education to eliminate the negative perception that disability is a curse and an evil affliction.

Gender, Childre. Disability is all these things and it is a real part of a broken world, not a curse or a blessing from God. But it does present an opportunity, an opportunity to bless or to curse.

You can curse people with disabilities by using words that isolate them, by maintaining an attitude of avoidance or pity. PACEF Kenya firmly approves that disability is not inability and that persons with disabilities can engage or be trained in any skills for gainful employment, earning their living thus reducing life of dependency and this makes them acquire independence status of life, dignity, recognition, love, respect and get back their alienated rights and place .

Disability is not a curse
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