Design rationale

DR Design rationale used by research communities in software engineering, mechanical design, artificial intelligence, civil engineering, and human-computer interaction research.

Design Rationale Types and Tools

It also can provide an efficient way to detect conflicts in the work of multiple designers and shorten the review cycle [Pena-Mora, et. In addition, it requires that data be given to it in a more rigid format.

Besides providing insight into how it works, the rationale shows why each design choice was made. In magazines, the order of rooms introduced is based on what one sees once stepping into a space. Producing and capturing design rationale is a major difficulty in creating a design rationale system.

Duraloc Acetabular Cup System - Design Rationale

According to the degree of formality, the approaches that Design rationale used to represent design rationale can be divided into three main categories: Rationale can be classified into several types. For example, a design assistance service would be simulation, where the user is given the capability to view the impact of a particular design choice on the rest of the design.

But the cost of compiling the execution history is high due to the complexity and difficulty of some machine-learning problems. Rational Capture Time Capture Method.

The following tables show several ways that these capture techniques can be grouped. This allows for non-intrusive capture. Applications[ edit ] Design rationale has the potential to be used in many different ways.

Without the presence of rationale that indicates this, the design may be changed in a way that could be harmful. It also suggests some areas for future work. Sort of like pulling them into the space, and make them feel the feeling and vibe you want your design to exude.

It is also similar to automatic generation except that the rational is specifically recorded during the design process, not generated later. It consists five sub-layers: It is easy to justify a design when it is orally presented. On the other hand, the procedure and method used to capture information of design rationale should not be very intrusive.

A generic structure for design rationale is described in Lee, []. In some cases, what may seem like an inefficient solution may actually be critical to the design as a whole. In [30] an ontology of decision rationale is defined and their model utilizes the ontology to address the problem of supporting decision maintenance in the WinWin collaboration framework.

Design rationale

Go ahead, and tell the story of your design.In this design rationale, mi-centre.comry is step by step designed using tag dispatching, concepts, traits, and metaprogramming. We used the well-known distance function to show the design. mi-centre.comry is designed like described here, with some more techniques as automatically reversing template arguments, tag casting, and reusing.

Rewrite the design problem introduced in the beginning of your design rationale, sum up your design solution, and stress its importance by proving to your reader that your design solution is the design solution to the design problem.

Introduced inthe Duraloc Cup has become one of the world’s most widely used cementless cup systems.

Rationale Design

The Duraloc Cup introduced a new standard of structural integrity to help address polyethylene failure and maximize polyethylene performance. The Duraloc is a dome loaded cup, which helps ensure maximum liner/shell congruency, a minimum polyethylene thickness of 6mm and a secure locking.

Rationale provides world-class expertise in design, identity systems, and more across multiple mediums. Design Rationale. This document describes rationales for WebAssembly’s design decisions, acting as footnotes to the main design text, keeping the main specification easier to read, and making it easier to revisit decisions later without having to plow through all the issues and pull requests.

2 The guiding principle behind the design of the JOURNEY™ II Total Knee System was to achieve near normal function and motion while maintaining excellent durability.

Design rationale
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