Dark knight hero journey

The Joker has kidnapped Rachel and Harvey in two separate buildings strapped to a warehouse sized bomb.

The Dark Knight – the Hero’s Journey stages

Batman is finally transformed. As you can see, if Bruce is to complete the journey, he has to "die" go through an Ordealfind some sort of reward and be resurrected not literally of course before he can return to the Ordinary World live a normal life?

However, he is met with a man who is too strong, too powerful and just too much of a force for this old heroic persona to handle. The Magic Fight — Something is threatening the reward the hero has gained, something threatens to take Dark knight hero journey everything that created the peace, usually a magical being or god.

Not only must Batman face his most terrifying opponent in Bane, but he must also deal with betrayal by Talia, until finally he must finally sacrifice himself to save his city.

First, the Seven Archetypes: It is clear that Nolan respected men like Campbell, Tolkien and Homer and I hope that one day he will be studied along side them.

The final battle for Gotham in the end of Batman Begins forces Bruce to fight his mentor and fight fear itself. The Ordinary World — Here we see the man who will become the hero in his normal environment, there is a problem that is just begging for a solution.

The Dark Knight Rises – The Hero’s journey breakdown

A fight that the Hero wins. Henri offers Bruce a path to the League Of Shadows, so that the League can train him to master, concur, and use his fear for personal gain. Apostasies Batman, having faced death numerous amounts of times, has become more than just a human.

Bruce finally reaches the top of the wall, escapes from prison, and heads back home, where he joins forces with Selina and Blake. Batman has to decide between love and law, and he chooses to save Harvey, as Rachel dies in the timed explosion. Batman is no longer a villain that Gotham needed at the end of the The Dark Knight, he finally transformed into the ultimate martyr of justice, a true hero for his people.

Bruce then sets off on his own and joins the criminals of the world, a small step toward fighting for justice. Batman is extremely broken spiritually and physically by Bane, and is thrown back into a prison, paralleling the very beginning of his new journey.

All citizens know of him, and crime has significantly decreased. Bruce Wayne has his freedom to live. When talking about his Batman films, Nolan has always mentioned capturing the grandeur of movies like Star Wars as one of his goals.

Bruce realizes his alter ego of Batman must return. The Joker issues an ultimatum that people will die each day unless Batman reveals his identity; as a result, Bruce plans to reveal his identity, but Harvey Dent instead names himself as Batman to protect the truth.

Bruce Wayne has come into a true Billionaire Playboy, keeping up a facade that he is no more than money. The entire section of TDKR where Bruce is locked away in the prison he is forced to watch his city burn, he must fight his way back by mending his body and his spirit, by finding that fear that drove him from the beginning.

Quiet and in love we see him just living in the final scenes of the film; although Bruce Wayne is presumed to have been killed in the riots. Batman is broken spiritually and physically by Bane and thrown back into a prison, paralleling the very beginning of his journey.

Bruce is convinced to return to the world by Blake and others who see that something is coming, something that is threatening to bring Gotham down.

Rescue from Without Batman is in dire need of help returning home. This physical force is determined to destroy the Hero and his cause. Our hero has decided to stick to his moral compass and keep fighting crime, which unfortunately leads to Rachels death.

More Essay Examples on Batman Rubric Bruce does not want to return to Gotham and cleanse it of the corruption of crime; he feels that he is powerless and weak, until he meets Henri Ducard. If you look carefully, the clues are quite obvious. The Dark Knight Rises was all about pain, not necessarily just physical but spiritual and mental, that life is pain and pain is necessary for life to exist.

He has to fight hard to make his way back. Bruce is flawed, damaged and scarred and he becomes more than a man during his journey but we never forget that he is flesh and blood. When The Dark Knight Rises begins, Bruce is now a recluse hiding in his manor, a source of stories and tales of him being disfigured and decrepit.

He merely must become the villain, in order for true peace to exist in Gotham. I think his goal is to create the classic trilogy of this generation - like the original Star Wars was to his. It truly pushes him to his limits and makes him use all the knowledge and skills he has obtained over the past years.

Not only does Batman face his most terrifying opponent in Bane, but he also deals with the betrayal by Talia, until finally he finally sacrifices himself to save Gotham.

The plan of The League Of Shadows all along was to cleanse Gotham of its scum and corruption, but in a much different fashion.Free Essay: The Dark Knight Trilogy 1. Call To Adventure A key part of the Batman movies is that when Bruce was young, he fell into an empty well filled with.

The Dark Knight Rises - The Hero's journey breakdown by Gordon Napier. Apr 14,  · Most of Nolan's films are structurally unconventional. But with his Dark Knight Trilogy, I think he is very consciously adhering to Campbell's Monomyth. The Dark Knight Trilogy - A Hero's Journey Batman Begins was all about fear, mastering it, manipulating it and its overall power.

The Dark Knight was about chaos, how it is fair and equalizing, how it can turn a city against itself. The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Trilogy 1 - The Dark Knight Trilogy Hero's Journey introduction. Call To Adventure A key part of the Batman movies is that when Bruce was young, he fell into an empty well filled with bats and developed a major phobia of them.

Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents get murdered by a mugger. The Dark Knight – the Hero’s Journey stages Ordinary world The Batman has impacted on crime in Gotham, the Mob can’t do business like they used to and they don’t like it.

Dark knight hero journey
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