Dairy farming business plan in punjab

A Very Solid Demand: Climatic stress occurs when the temperature goes 50C below or above this range. You can also learn some negotiation skills. Discuss with the experienced farm owners about his dairy farming system and secrets.

High infrastructure and feeding cost is the main constraint of dairy farming business.

Journey from IT to dairy farming: Santhosh D. Singh, Founder, Amrutha Dairy Farms

One can avail this by visiting your nearest commercial or co-operative or rural agriculture banks. But most of our farmers are not conscious about this due to lack of proper publicity and public announcement by the government. Vaccinations — To control diseases and protect the cow health, you must have a proper vaccination schedule.

One of the unforeseen exigencies was the acute shortage of green fodder due to unseasonal rains leading to drought which lasted for 18 months; this led to an unprecedented, fold raise, in the cost of green fodder.

Being located in North India, Punjab experiences very hot and dry winds in summers, cold chilly winds in winters and very hot and humid climate in monsoon season. If you start taking out profits from it before three years, be prepared to inject more money in to it afterwards. It is better to give one or two days training so that they can understand routine activities of dairy.

Dairy farming business is a traditional business. The enclosures have largely been kept kutcha with sand filling. Fodder — As cows need three types of fodder for best milk yield and high fat content, you must have good fodder management from growing fodder to feeding fodder on daily basis.

Because, green food helps the animal to produce more milk and helps the producer to reduce feeding costs. So, always try to feed them sufficient amount of nutritious food. The daily milk yield of cow depends on the type fodder and nutritional facts of the given fodder.

Here I am describing the main importance and benefits of dairy farming in India. The ROI is just plain and simple and you should stop listening to people who tell you otherwise.

Success story: Milking money in the dairy farm business

The height and depth of the shed has thus been kept deliberately more to achieve cool interiors. Along with nutritious foods, always provide them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water.

Sure there are problems, but it is good enough for you to not complain and get some work done. Thus began my quest to venture into the dairy industry. State Bank of Mysore came to fund this reworked project plan. My first hand experience starting a dairy farm here in Pakistan Dairy Farming is a very hot topic in Pakistan.

How to Start Dairy Farming in India

Be conscious about the availability of food and its costs. And your target is not to increase the number of heads, but to increase the number of liters of milk.

The selection, breeding, feeding, management, housing and healthcare requirements of high grade crossbred cows and genetically superior buffaloes are different in many respects from our traditional methods of cattle rearing.

All electrical fittings and water supply requirements should be full filled as per need in hot areas, it many need to have fans and coolers for cows, especially in summer.

Cows can move freely in their respective enclosures, sit either in covered or open area depending upon the climatic conditions.Proper business plan, well management and care can ensure maximum production and profit from dairy farming business.

I have described here the importance, setting up steps and some problems of dairy farming in India. Since the dairy farming has the potential of a profitable business, it becomes outmost essential to protect the cattle from the vagaries of weather.

Punjab has thus felt the need of such cattle houses which can fulfill this need.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan

Dairy Farming Business Plan Guide: Dairy Farming Business Plan. Dairy Farming Business Plan – Introduction to Dairy Farming: No matter what the season is and no matter what the place is “There is always great demand for milk” in mi-centre.com to the population increase and consumption of milk tremendously increasing day by day.

Business Plan Dairy Farm Slide. Mini Dairy Model Project for Ten Animal Units. To encourage big farmers to join the dairy farming To utilize the full capacity of dairy plant which are suffering under capacity problem Agent/Broker/Punjab Coop.

Place of purchase Punjab/Haryana Distance (kms.) Km Away from Ganag Nagar Cost of 4/4(14). dairy farming is still at a very nascent stage with rough estimates of about 1% of dairy animals and 5% of milk production in India.

1 USA and Poland are present among top 10 milk producing regions and represents the North American and. Dec 12,  · Create a business plan. Put all your financial estimates into a plan that covers the first few years of your business.

In addition to the necessary items above, remember to include the estimated cost of veterinary care per animal, and the cost of any labor you plan to hire%(K).

Dairy farming business plan in punjab
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