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Drug counterfeiting business may also be encouraged by the different standards set by the exporting countries regarding the drugs for public use and those for exports with the standard of the latter being less stringent than the former.

Stronger state licensure supervision of drug suppliers would be helpful. Societal and scientific relevance The output from this research will serve as evidence to inform the scientific community and relevant government agency on the proportion of counterfeit drugs in the study area, this will help inform policy guidelines and safeguard against counterfeit drugs.

Finally, counterfeit drugs may raise concerns among consumers about safety and reduce patient medication adherence.

Counterfeit drugs

The state is made up of 1,47, males and 1, females. Despite Counterfeit drugs essay effort of NAFDAC in fighting counterfeit drugs in Nigeria, gap still exist in the availability of published research in Counterfeit drugs essay study area. The latest attempts Counterfeit drugs essay the international level to better specify the definition of counterfeit medicines showed how complex the problem is in reality.

Counterfeit antibiotics with low doses of active ingredients are potentially more dangerous than counterfeited drugs containing no active ingredient at all and this may result to negative effect of drug resistance that may affect the entire community. The recent emergence of counterfeits of Artemisinin derivatives Newton et al, and antiretroviral drugs Ahmad, in some countries of South-East Asia and Africa is an important development which is potentially disastrous because alternative drugs are either inaccessible or unaffordable.

Measuring the magnitude of the phenomenon of counterfeit drugs turns out to be extremely complicated, particularly due to various reasons that have to do with the disposable means to detect the trafficking routes, the number and the identity of those involved in the production and distribution processes, and the difficulty in systematizing and coordinating the information from the various stakeholders in charge of keeping, collecting and analyzing data Charles, Know Your Online Pharmacy.

Intellectual property protections provide the ability for society to prosper from innovation. Final research proposal 1 week Research team 2. The Internet has become an important and convenient means for consumers to shop and save money.

For example, in the US it is not uncommon for victims of fake drugs to seek compensation in the order of millions of dollars from the culprits of the crime. Some of these are listed in the Table. Ins, outs of getting meds from overseas. Although, drug counterfeiting is as dangerous and as lucrative as the narcotic business, its penalty tends to be less severe.

The case of bevacizumab Avastin is presented as one recent example. The issue of counterfeit drugs discussed by Blackstone and colleagues is largely unnoticed by the typical health plan in the United States. Many pharmaceutical companies are deprived of their rightful profits due to the unjust competition from this brutal crime and have even resulted in the collapse of some of the companies Akunyili, In this review, we examine how the legitimate supply chain has been infiltrated by counterfeits, as well as the role of the Internet in facilitating the distribution of counterfeit drugs, and the impact on patients, drug innovation, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The structured questionnaire will be pretested prior to the survey in a set up similar to and outside the study area to test for validity and reliability of instrument.

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As noted before, in most cases, these drugs can harm consumers, because they do not contain the active ingredients to resolve a health issue, and instead they can contain harmful ingredients, such as bacteria and toxins.

Counterfeit drugs involve both lifesaving and lifestyle drugs. The proliferation of counterfeit drugs in the market should serve as a wake-up call on the part of the government. A survey of US consumers showed that there is strong support for criminal penalties to combat counterfeit drugs.

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Health plans usually have a preferred mail order pharmacy in their network, and ordering prescriptions on the Internet is generally allowed for that particular pharmacy. Hearing on counterfeit drugs.

Feds nail key player in counterfeit Avastin probe: A cross- sectional descriptive study design will be applied in this research and data will be collected from important drugs randomly selected from community pharmacies and patent medicine drug distribution outlet and the level of knowledge of the public health implication of counterfeit drugs will be collected from pharmacist and patent medicine vendors using structured questionnaires.

The term counterfeit drugs describe a drug with a false representation of its identity and or source 3 and this is also applicable to the drug container or other packaging or labeling information.

The situation seems to be even worse in some African countries.Jan 31,  · Words: Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: COUNTERFEIT COSMETICS & HOMELAND SECURITY ISSUES Problem Identification Counterfeit cosmetics are prevalent specifically over the Internet on such websites as Ebay.

These cosmetics are dangerous and cause severe problems even death among. In the recent years, both the appearance of incurable diseases and the popularity of fake medication complicate global counterfeit regulation. In particular. Effects of Counterfeit Medications 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating (1 Vote) Counterfeits apply to generic and branded products with fake.

Define Counterfeit drugs: a counterfeit drug is a medication or pharmaceutical product which is produced and sold with the intent to deceptively represent its origin, authenticity or. View Counterfeit drugs Research Papers on for free.

Counterfeit Drugs Problems and Solutions for the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Introduction Counterfeit drugs have been around for much of the recent history of industrial-scale drug production in India and abroad.

Counterfeit drugs essay
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