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If you need more help, please contact your subject librarian or the Scholarly Communication Librarian. I want to be a Boston college thesis archive historian, working in a museum or archive, and wanted to use my senior thesis project as an opportunity to explore ways of putting history on display.

Author Submission Agreement Before beginning the submission process, it is recommended that you check with your thesis advisor about submitting your thesis for inclusion in eScholarship BC.

Knowing that the Internet is becoming more and more important to the academic world, and to the world of museums and public history, I decided to build a website and write a traditional paper.

Undergraduate Theses Submission Guidelines

Her thesis project is best described in her own words: A knot behaves like a closed string in space with some "knotted" region. The areas we have isolated are located in the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes of the brain and are functionally relevant for attention. Offers of free tickets are sent to students at their BC e-mail addresses.

The advantages of providing open access to your thesis include the wider dissemination of your work and increased visibility of your scholarship beyond Boston College.

The website includes the digitized book, a transcription, and a variety of interpretive multimedia components, including a glossary, videos, and discussion of the provenance and history of the Capell manuscript.

Preparing Your Document The main document you submit must consist of a PDF file for the thesis with all of its fonts embedded. This is one of several projects I have worked on since arriving in Germany, and the others, while smaller, will hopefully also be published in the near future.

If you would like to provide additional supplementary materials, please email Lopa Williams with information about the files. Imagine you are holding a quarter, and as you move the quarter around, there is a certain time when you are only looking at the boundary of the quarter. As pilgrim in his own epic, Dante returns to an Ithaka of sorts.

Submission Form Information During your submission, you will need to provide the following information about your thesis: You are seeing the thickness of the quarter as a rectangle, but you are seeing none of the "roundness. The challenge of this text touches upon all of the key concerns of the hoped for outcomes of the Honors Program curriculum.

Currently my thesis is about studying singularities in three-dimensional knot projections. Although rare, there may be reasons why you might not want to post your thesis at this time. During the submission process, you will be asked to select and accept one of these two options.

Advanced Search Undergraduate Theses Submission Guidelines The following information will help undergraduates prepare their thesis for electronic submission to the Boston College repository, eScholarship BC.

For more information, consult the Copyright and Scholarship guide. But for now, the title of our project could read something like: See our how-to document regarding embedding fonts. In Adobe Acrobat, under File, select Properties. Either way, the work will be archived for the benefit of your department and future thesis writers.

Students with ideas for such outings are invited to submit proposals to Professor Constas at constas bc. A traditional Scholar of the College project in the history department is a very long paper which, no matter how well written, is limited to a very specific audience.

Everything allowed Under Fonts: If fair use does not apply, you may need to ask for permission from the copyright holder. The goal is essentially to help a participant learn to become more attentive, and the applications could be relevant for disorders such as ADHD.

All fonts should be listed either as embedded or as embedded subset.Located in the original Bapst Library building on Boston College’s Chestnut Hill campus, the John J. Burns Library offers students, scholars, and the general public opportunities to engage with rare books, special collections, and archives.

The majority of seniors in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program write senior theses, typically on topics in their majors. Electronic Thesis Submission Follow this link to O'Neill Library's repository and follow the simply instructions to make your thesis part of the Boston College archives.

Either way, the work will be archived for the benefit of your department and future thesis writers. The advantages of providing open access to your thesis include the wider dissemination of your work and increased visibility of.

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remove-circle. Boston College began offering graduate programs in the s. Since then the format of masters theses and doctoral dissertations has changed with the times: from the early technology of print books to microforms (both microfilm and microfiche) and now to PDFs.

This is a page for the Boston College history community—faculty, graduate students, undergraduate majors, and alumni. We're interested in your news and we hope you're interested in ours.

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Boston college thesis archive
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