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For since God is the only natural sovereign of men, their judge, their lawgiver, their king, no man can have lawful authority over others unless he holds it from the hand of God He was a ruthless foe of any innovations in Biblical or historical criticism and strongly opposed the works of R.

During this early period he began also to compose and preach panegyrics on the saints. Lenten sermons and funeral orations. Religion is the foundatation of justice and government. Would a selfish king make his country poor and weak and Bossuet reading Pauland the Apostle Peter are among the best.

For one thing, to Bossuet reading disrupts the unity of the state and leads to civil war: What is this contract? The first duty of obedience to government is the duty to obey those who hold the first place in it, monarchs or others who are the heads of the body that makes up society, and to obey them as the limbs of the human body obey the head to which they are united.

While he undoubtedly favored the austere Jansenist morality and condemned what he considered the "easy devotion" of the Jesuits, he agreed with full conviction that five propositions drawn from augustinus were to be found in Port-Royal doctrine and should be condemned.

The answer looked pretty clear to Hobbes and Bossuet reading many of his contemporaries. Also like Hobbes, he says we should begin by looking first at life in the "State of Nature.

He defended his theses for the Bachelor in Theology tentativa inwas ordained subdeacon the same year, deacon the next, and began to preach at Metz.

This includes the functions and duties of each member with respect to other individuals and with respect to the body as a whole. Life not good for anyone in the state of nature.

It is absolute by reason of constraint, there being no power capable of coercing the sovereign who in this sense is independent of all human authority. Their rapprochement failed and their hopes were soon abandoned.

Monarchy, then, is the form of government God intends for us. Exercise your power boldly, for it is divine and beneficial to humanity, but exercise it with humility.

Suppose I make for myself something nice a nice fur-lined jacket perhaps or have something nice smoked venison, or a lovely wife. But even without the external application of this unction, they are sacred in their office, as being the representatives of the divine majesty, sent by His providence for the execution of His designs Almost everyone else believed that a society should choose the right religion and stick to that or like Hobbes choose one religion, the religion of the sovereign, and stick to that.

His excursions outside the diocese were in relation to the theological controversies of his time: He was ordained March 18,and received the degree of doctor of theology a few weeks later. I do not wish to inquire whether it is lawful or unlawful. Yet he was remarkably human, and, until his last years, conciliatory to the point of being accused of weakness.

And it is in this that a government called legitimate is opposed by its nature to arbitrary government But it is God who places this responsibility on the king, and to God alone that he is answerable.

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From the life of the departed subject, Bossuet selected qualities and episodes from which he could draw a moral. Hobbes argues that, though we want justice, equity, modesty, mercy and the rest, our passions will make us violate all these things unless there is a strong power to keep us from doing so.

When Jesus returns, he will reign as king. Locke argues that in the state of nature we have a number of rights, rights given us by God. As all perfection and virtue are united in God, all the power of individuals is united in the person of the prince.

The only government that takes advantage of human selfishness well is monarchy. Paris —27 ; Correspondance, ed. While Hobbes insisted we give up all our rights to the government so that the government will protect us, Locke says we give up only the right to exercise reparation and restraint on our own behalf.

Hobbes, unlike Bossuet, sees government as man-made, not divine, in origin. Doctrine et histoire, m. Destined for the Church, he received the tonsure at the age of eight and at 13 obtained a canonicate in the cathedral of Metz.[Partly revised Sept. and Sept. ] BOSSUET, HOBBES, AND LOCKE INTRODUCTION The 17th century was a time of change and often a tune of conflict.

Reading Notes to Bishop Bossuet These are some questions to guide your reading. 1. What principles lie behind Bishop Bossuet’s theory of government? Why would he adopt such principles? 2. What alternative justifications for absolute monarchy are given in the other assigned reading?.

Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet The Divine Right of Kings (For original, click here.) IT IS GOD who establishes kings. He caused Saul and David to be anointed by Samuel; He vested royalty in the House of David, and ordered him to cause Solomon, his son, to.

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