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The Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation continues to communicate with its winners, encouraging them to do their best during their high school years. Jim King had backed up to make the catch but it was over his head. It would have been viewed as the indomitable spirit of a tough competitor.

What Roberto Clemente accomplished in Pittsburgh on July 25,stupefied the tobacco-spitting baseball lifers all around him precisely because it transcended baseball, entering the realm of pure theater and then myth.

I remember a leaping catch against the right-field wall to save a no-hitter for Bob Moose against the Mets in Students are also required to write an essay on their favorite role model. On that July day inRoberto Clemente was brilliant in body and mind. The description from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette bears repeating: The ball bounced off the slanted side of the fencing and rolled along the cinder path to center field.

The Greatest Forgotten Home Run of All Time

In the end, though, Bragan was wrong and Clemente was right. Brosnan responded as if Clemente had not only violated baseball decorum, but descended to a state of savagery, the equivalent of sacrificing a live chicken at home plate during the national anthem.

First of all, consider the fact that this quote comes from an article published in —four years after Clemente slid past home and slapped the plate with his hand. Clemente features a Latin-American variety of showboating: Scholarship funding has been provided by Mr.

Bragan was one in a seemingly endless conga line of mediocre big league players who become mediocre big league managers. He could not conceive of the fact that the uncivilized Puerto Rican sliding across home plate—no doubt with maracas rattling in his head—was a player who could break with baseball convention because he had the courage and creativity to do what had never been done.

Dave Maraniss, in his biography entitled Clemente: The most common accusation faced by baseball today is this: His account of the event for Life carried weight because of his reputation as a writer.

He slid, missed the plate, then reached back to rest his hand Bobby bragan essay the rubber with the ninth run in a victory as the crowd of 12, went goofy with excitement. Many students go on to apply for other scholarships during their junior and senior years, maximizing their potential for a quality education.

We underestimate excitement in baseball precisely because we cannot quantify it. Clemente was becoming Clemente. In this age of technology, as people expect entertainment everywhere and quickly, strikeouts, especially when viewed with their fraternal twins, walks, are sucking the action out of baseball games.

If he succeeded, by this logic, it was purely by virtue of his natural athletic ability. Perhaps he underestimated the player hurtling in his direction, seeing him as ordinary: He faced pitcher Jim Brosnan.

The unusual inside-the-park grand slam home run against Brosnan gave the Pirates a win over the Cubs. Markusen seems to be unaware of the fact that this was the only walk-off, inside-the-park grand slam in baseball history.

Nor did he simply outrun the ball, blindly pumping his arms and legs. But around third came Clemente and down the home path. Speaking of bad reviews, we return to Markusen, who accepts the judgments of Bragan and Brosnan. Program Structure In the fall of each year, eighth grade students are asked to apply for a scholarship by completing an application which includes extensive information about their academic achievements, extracurricular and athletic activities, and community involvement from 6th through 8th grade.Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation Scholarship Program CMS 8th graders have the opportunity to apply for a $ college scholarship by completing an application which includes the following: academic achievements, extracurricular and athletic activities, and community involvement.

The day Hank Aaron had a home run taken away by the plate umpire. call or he just wanted to get his name in the papers,” Bragan told The Associated Press after the game. Bobby Bragan. His legacy continues through the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation which has supported youth scholarships across the Metroplex for 26 years.

Scholarship Finalists Announced Each year the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation awards the promise of a college scholarship to more than 30 eighth graders in North Texas. Bobby Bragan Essay Contest; Water Poster Contest; National History Day State Competition; STEM Awards; CREST Award Winning Counselors; GET IN TOUCH.

Mercer Drive Dallas, TX Phone: () STAY CONNECTED WITH DALLAS ISD. f t p y l i. Bobby Bragan’s stop sign was understandable. After all, Clemente would have represented the winning run on third with none out in the bottom of the ninth.

Bragan was an old-school baseball man, and this was the old-school baseball move. Nov 06,  · It is called the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation.

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I am in eighth grade and it is a scholarship for dollars. For the application, you must write an essay on someone who inspires Resolved.

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