A critical analysis of the piece of art

How original is the work? This artwork contains a sad little girl that is bleeding from the nose and holding a teddy bear, all while she is standing in a landscape of rubble. What materials are present? Judging a piece of work means giving it rank in relation to other works and of course considering a very important aspect of the visual arts; its originality.

How should we evaluate it? Analysis of the principles of design or composition, e. Who is the artist? As the viewer, we appear to be standing in front of this scene, looking straight at it, and the overall effect is realism.

What evidence inside or outside the artwork relates to each criterion? Oil on panel, Prado Museum, Madrid Another religious masterpiece which focuses on the consequences of sin.

Movement How your eye moves in a path through the picture, sometimes stopping to focus on certain parts. There is a strong contrast between light and dark, and overall, the lines are very defined. The little girl is placed slightly off-center in the foreground for the viewer in order to place greater emphasis on her, while placing the observers in the background.

What is the Cause? Sure, no one will be the wiser… But if you really want to be intelligent, follow the darned steps already!

Based on the criteria and evidence, what is my judgment about the quality of the artwork? Remember, all of these are straight facts, with no opinions added yet. What does it make you think of? Are some parts of the composition full of shapes and some parts empty, or are the shapes spread evenly across the artwork?

Does it use a cultural value or common cultural symbol in a way that exploits that image? In this painting, I see butterflies obvious, but necessary. Objects, figures, colors, shapes, objects, background, etc. An artwork is not necessarily about what the artist wanted it to be about.

How visual lines draw your attention to or away from the focal point. What are the effects?

How to: critique artwork like a pro

The colors are very intense, especially the blue and the orange. Analyzing the meaning of the image for you and your time.Critical Analysis in the Humanities: Visual Arts This handout is designed for students in the humanities as well as those interested in contemplating the nonliterary arts, specifically those who are concerned with reflecting more deeply on visual art.

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay? Critical essays are traditionally intended for academic audiences.

Critical Analysis

However, the roots of critical evaluation remain present in the mundane. What is the overall value of the passage and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the assessed piece of literature or another work of art?

Take note of. Writing a Formal Analysis in Art History The goal of a formal analysis is to explain how the formal elements of a work of art affect the representation of the subject matter and expressive content.

Famous Paintings: Analysis and Interpretation Meaning of Pictures by Great Artists (c) Contents There are two versions of this chilling piece of Biblical art: one in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, the other in the Royal Collection at Hampton Court Palace. Peasant. Critical Analysis of “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” _ Inaam Jaffel Critical Analysis of “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” Walter Benjamin (Edited by Hannah Arendt) *Abstract: Around the yearthe reproduction of works of art and the art of.

· Art criticism is responding to, interpreting meaning, and making critical judgments about specific works of art. · Art critics help viewers perceive, interpret, and judge artworks. · Critics tend to focus more on modern and contemporary .

A critical analysis of the piece of art
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